How To Play Craps

So you are the one who wishes to play craps online for fun? But what if someone told you there is a failsafe strategy destined to make you a successful player? Perhaps you are the chosen one, the ruler of dice and the master of luck, and the world of craps gambling will shortly crumble at your feet? Lets start by teaching you how to play craps.

If there is something we know about winning real money in an online casino it’s that despite all odds and skills no one is fortunate enough to become the all-time champion of something as unpredictable as an online craps game. That noted, there are still ways to improve one’s chances for success. The strategies we will be listing are not miraculous, but they will enrich your credit wallet for sure. Let the craps casino game begin!


how to play craps and win

How does a strategy help with online craps real money games? It’s really common to hear shouts and screams from around a table filled with people gambling craps. Although an online casino does not offer the same level of in-depth mass hysteria, the live casino games version does not lose its soul even in the digital form. Craps game online is a dice game that illuminates excitement.
Before we go into depth of our most successful craps simulator game strategy, it’s important to reassure that you are aware of all basic rules and concepts. It is a fact that among all casino games craps is probably the simplest one, but you know what they say, “better safe than sorry, right?”

how to play craps at casino

About those rules – even if you are playing online craps for fun and not for real money there are particular roles.

  • The shooter. This person will roll the dice. He is usually presented with five cubes and in ordinary casino game craps shooter only chooses two to roll. This may slightly differ for casino craps online.
  • The stickman. This person will grant the shooter with a set of five dice.

There is also the table with markings:

  • Pass line.
  • Don’t pass line.

how to play craps at casino

Up to 20 players are allowed to enter a game, and everyone gets a round of shots in turns. Every round has 2 phases:

  • Come Out: The Come Out is a roll. When dice show 2,3 or 12, the round ends and players lose their pass line bets. 7 or 11 on the dice mean that the players have succeeded and won the pass line.
  • Point: Afterwards the shooter keeps rolling until 4 to 10 is the outcome. Whichever the case this number becomes the Point. The On button is then moved on an appropriate button and the second stage of the round begins. The shooter has to the role that number to succeed, but if his shot results in a seven, the pass line is lost, and the round ends.

Here are several additional tips for you to enhance success with the game:

  • Place the 6”. Place six chips or coins r whatnot the currency of your casino on the dealer and note you are “placing the six”. This way every time six rolls out before a seven you win seven credits back.
  • Make the minimum possible bet on the Don’t Pass line and lay max permitted odds. Because of this, the advantage of the casino drops exponentially, and some researches state that your odds raise up to X10.

Now that the casino craps rules and best strategies are covered, it’s time to talk about the ethics! If you are willing to engage in gambling, make the smart choice and treat both the game and your companions with respect. Here’s the best strategy hardcore bettors from our team can give you:

  1. Only gamble with the sum you can afford losing entirely. If the cash is dear at the moment – don’t go for it. Don’t test your luck for no reason.
  2. Check the odds first. If the house has an advantage – don’t place the bets.
  3. Pass the line and don’t pass the bet once the odds are equal or close to equal.

Now that all are covered – please tell us if you have any questions. Do not hesitate to contact our team as it is, after all, our mission to make the betting community closer. We wish to help beginners on their journey towards success, and we have some experience-based stats to enhance the hand of professionals.

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